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SECTION 1 - NAME: The name of this organization shall be "The South Carolina Mid-State Beekeepers Association," herein defined as the "Association".



SECTION 1 - OBJECTIVES: The objective of this nonprofit organization shall be to educate, support, and foster the skills of beekeepers using current best management practices, to share experience and methods on improving honey production for back yard beekeepers and businesses, and provide the members of the association an opportunity to purchase honey bees and queens. The association will also inform and educate the public on the importance of honey bees for pollination, food, and safe pesticide usage via community outreach and other events.



SECTION 1 - MEMBERS: Anyone interested in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry may join the Association upon payment of the regular annual dues. The right to vote shall be limited to members.

SECTION 2 -JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Non-voting Jr. Membership shall be free to all interested youth under sixteen (16) years of age.



SECTION 1- OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS: The officers of the Association shall be: past-president, president, president-elect; vice-president, secretary, and the treasurer. The past-president, president, and president-elect shall serve a one-year term in each position, transitioning to the next the following year such that president-elect shall serve one year, transition to president to serve for one-year term, and then transition to past-president, to serve for one year. The secretary and treasurer officers shall each serve a two (2) year term, with the elections being held on alternating years starting in 2018, wherein a new Secretary will be elected, 2019, a new Treasurer will be elected, 2020, a new Secretary, and so forth. The Association members shall elect these officers by a majority vote of the members present at the September meeting. The officers newly elected will learn under the outgoing board member for a period of three months, assuming full responsibility for their position January 1st. The Association shall have three (3) Directors making up a “Board” with a service of three years, with one Director retiring each year in a designated term. The Association members then shall elect by a majority vote of the members present, one Director to serve for a three-year term. A Director may serve two (2) successive terms and then be reelected after a one (1) year absence from the Board. The Board shall be composed of the Officers and the Directors.



SECTION 1- PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association using regular parliamentary procedures according to Roberts Rules of Order. This officer shall appoint such special committees as is deemed necessary, fill vacancies of any officers, and perform such other duties as the Association may direct. The president will be authorized to make deposits, and disburse all monies, should the treasurer be unable to perform those duties.

SECTION 2 – PRESIDENT-ELECT: It shall be the duty of the president-elect to perform the duties of the president in his or her absence or upon the president's request. If the president-elect is unable to perform this duty in the absence of the president, then the president-elect may appoint the past-president to do so (or any member to act in his/her stead with the consent of the majority of the directors).

SECTION 3 – PAST-PRESIDENT: The past-president will attend all executive board meetings and offer any advice the previous two years of experience on the board may have given but will have no vote unless votes are equally divided – in which case the past-president may cast a tie-breaking vote. The past-president will also cover for the president and/or president-elect in case either are unable to fulfil their duties.

SECTION 4 – SECRETARY: The secretary shall maintain accurate written records (minutes) of the proceedings of the organization. This officer shall keep all committee correspondence on file and maintain the official membership roll. He/She will process the general correspondence including the agenda for monthly meetings as well as sending out notices to the membership of meetings. The secretary will head a committee to maintain the content on the Association’s website and any other internet presence the Association may hold. The secretary will interface with the state organization for the purpose of maintaining the records of those members that have joint membership.

SECTION 4 – TREASURER: The treasurer shall collect the annual dues from the members. This officer shall be custodian of all monies received by the Association and keep full and accurate records showing the receipts and disbursements of all monies. The treasurer shall close the Association's books prior to each January meeting and make a complete report on the membership and the financial standings of the Association at that time. Also, he/she shall make an annual financial report at the end of the accounting period of December 31 of each year and file the necessary information returns to the Internal Revenue Service. He/she will see that the president is also authorized to make deposits and disburse all monies if the treasurer is unable to perform these duties. He/she shall present all records and books to the directors for examination and auditing after December 31. After auditing is complete and a report is prepared for the February meeting, all monies and books are immediately to be turned over to the succeeding treasurer at said meeting. He/She shall prepare a membership list showing paid up, delinquent or inactive members for review by the directors.

SECTION 5 - DIRECTORS: The three elected directors shall examine and audit the books of the treasurer, no later than January 15th of each year and report at the February monthly meeting their findings and make recommendations to the members attending the meeting. Should they be unable to act and serve, the president of the Association shall appoint temporary directors to serve in their absence. Directors making up the board shall make suggestions and recommendations and shall serve in a consultative role to the president and other officers of the organization. Directors shall also assist in the planning and the implementation of monthly programs.



SECTION 1 - MEETINGS: There shall be monthly meetings per year until a majority of members vote otherwise. Notice of each meeting shall be emailed by the Secretary to each member of the Association or otherwise adequately advertised at least one (1) week before the meeting. The time and place for each meeting shall be decided on by a majority vote of the members of the Board at its meeting. If this is not possible, the Officers will make the necessary arrangements for said meeting.

SECTION 2 - ELECTIONS: The election of directors and officers shall be at the September meeting to allow for a three-month transition for the newly elected board members.



SECTION 1 - QUORUM: A majority of the membership present at a regular meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular meeting. (See Article 10 Section 1 Amendment)



SECTION 1 - DUES: The fee of annual dues shall be determined by recommendation of the board and approved by a majority of the membership present at a regular meeting, and payable in advance to the treasurer of the Association and shall be due on January 1 of the fiscal year covered by said dues. All dues and voting privileges expire on December 31 of each year. The Association shall start to collect annual dues for upcoming fiscal year on October 1st of the prior year to allow members the ability to register for upcoming events or purchase items in store for upcoming fiscal year. Any member of the Association who has not paid dues by the time of the April meeting will be dropped from the role of membership and shall cease to be a member of the Association.

A person, who has been dropped from the role of membership for non-payment of dues, may be restored to active membership by paying the current years dues.



SECTION 1 - AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS: The Association may associate itself and determine its own basis of support for the current year and for so long as is desirable, with any other state or National Beekeeping Association by a majority of the members attending a regular meeting.

SECTION 2 - COUNTY OF REGIONAL BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION: All county and/or Regional Beekeepers Associations or Beekeepers Clubs are encouraged and invited to associate themselves with the South Carolina Beekeepers Association.



SECTION 1 - AMENDMENTS: Any article or any section of any article of the Constitution and By- Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of all members present providing proposed amendments have been presented to the Board for their recommendation and have been presented in writing to the entire membership at least Fourteen (14) days before the meeting via newsletter.



SECTION 1: If the Association is in good standing with the South Carolina Secretary of State, then the Association’s assets shall be distributed, in whole, to that organization. If the SOUTH CAROLINA BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION is not in good standing with the South Carolina Secretary of State, then the Association’s assets will be distributed to one or more charitable organizations that are in good standing with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

Attest: Board Members:


President: Anne Runge

Past President: Fleming Mattox

President Elect: Tom Parker

Treasurer: Terrell Chastain

Secretary: Jill Van Horn

Director: Lizanne Melton

Director: Susan Owens

Director: Amanda Leevan

Constitution of August 8, 2000

Revised January 7, 2015

Revised August, 2018

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