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We'd like to know you better.

Monthly Membership Meetings are a great way to get to know other members and learn more about Beekeeping.   

Beekeeping meets many needs for people. Some enjoy the solitude of coming home from a day at work to relax with the bees. Others enjoy networking with other beekeepers, telling of their adventures, accomplishments, and sometimes failures. For the new-bee, regardless of how well you have studied the books or how many classes you take there will be times when the bees confound you. Whatever the reason, know that there is a network of beekeepers out there to give advice, take a look, or offer a word of encouragement. 

Nothing takes the place of face to face visiting with other beekeepers. Mid-State Beekeepers Association builds in fellowship time at each monthly meeting. It's a time to introduce yourself to others, ask questions, brag, and sometimes, to admit the bees fooled you. Typical meetings are structured as follows: Call to order, What's happening in the hives this month, Announcements, Business, Break and fellowship time + Raffle, followed by an Informal talk by a seasoned beekeeper on a topic usually corresponding to the current beekeeping season.

We welcome new faces!

We welcome visitors. I always tell others that I attended meetings for 6 months before joining. So, if you want to visit, that's just fine with us! Come out and get to know us. Enjoy the meetings, fellowship, and knowledge you will gather each month. If you're a bit shy, introduce yourself to a board member and we'll connect you with a friendly beekeeping ambassador to start getting you networked.

New beekeepers are always asking what they need to do to further their knowledge. Buy a book? Attend a class? Find a mentor? The answer most often given though is to find a local association and start attending.


*Great Exposure to Experienced Beekeepers

*Annual Beginning Beekeeping Classes (January-March)

*Reduced Cost on Packages and NUCs

*Monthly Meetings Held the first Tuesday of each month (except July)

*Mornings in the Bee Yard (Held at least Quarterly)

*Monthly Newsletters (except July)

*Equipment Rental


Mid-State Beekeepers Association maintains a Facebook page which is primarily used for announcements and informal contact. There is no requirement for members to join and you won't miss any vital information if you don't use Facebook. If you'd like to visit us on Facebook, we'd welcome your contact. As they say, Like us on Facebook to stay informed.

To join MSBA, click here:

Honey Judge Nancy Simpson and her colleague spoke to us about honey rules and regulations.  Here, they judge our own members' honey samples (May 2022)

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