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Honey Bee Facts For Children

Here are ten educational pictures on honey bees and honey for children who have yet to start reading on their own. Put your little one on your lap and watch this movie together. Introduce this tiny insect to them and tell them what wonderful things it's doing for us. Read to them and point out the pictures and words to them as the pages flip and music plays. String of words to learn:

1) Bees 2) Wings 3) Hive 4) Flowers 5) Pollen 6) Nectar 7) Honey 8) Honeycomb

Pest World for Kids

There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world. Bees are insects & insects can be considered pests.

What Bees See

Color helps attract bees to flowers for pollination.

Blue, purple and yellow flowers are the most attractive to bees. They can see the green leaves and stems, too.

Bees see some colors differently than people.

Scientists believe bees cannot see red, but they can see ultraviolet.

Above is a website for kids, students, their families, friends, and fellow educators. It is an online resource about honey bees and beekeeping. Information about what to do if you are stung, removing beehives from walls, ceilings within your home, African Bees, etc.

Proud New Honey Owner

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