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National Geographic Live!- People, Plants & Pollination

In this National Geographic video Dino Martins talks about how Eastern Africa is the place of origin for honeybees and a center of diversity for them, AND he discusses the disappearing traditions of stingless beekeeping in Kenya, where stingless-beekeepers have learned the ancient art of keeping many bee species that scientists do not understand yet. Beekeeping (including log-hives) is very important to people there. Dino Martins also describes the pollination of African Violets and Papayas, and local farmers and native pollinators.

Dr. Keith Delaplane Speaks on Colony Colapse Disorder, Honey Bee Decline and Why it Matters

This talk is broken up into four 10 minute videos. Upon further examination it appears the problem may be unique to the United States and former Soviet Union. 

 Part 1 of 4 In this segment: CCD is a serious beekeeping problem affecting pollination of the food we eat which is bee pollinated.

Part 2 of 4 In this segment: RNA research of the Israeli acute paralysis virus; Insects have no immune system. Scientists are working with RNA silencing of iapv.

Part 3 of 4 In this segment: Sublethal affects of Amitraz, fluvalinate, coumaphous; wood preservative copper naphthenate.

Part 4 of 4 In this segment: Migratory beekeeping in the US disrupts honey bees rhythmic systems. United States and Russia only location w/problems.

Top Bar Comb Manipulation

A lesson on manipulating Top Bar Hive Combs, how to open a TBH (top bar hive) and how to close one. This also shows you in detail the ways to handle a full top bar in order to not damage it. This video is for new or beginner TBH beekeepers.

Extracting Honey from a Top Bar Hive Using an Extractor

Yes, it can be done. This video shows you how to extract honey from a top bar hive using a traditional honey extractor.

Organically Managed Beekeeping Pod-Casts & Forums

For some of the most up to date info in organic beekeeping I've found. Recorded interviews, lectures, & conferences. Lists of meetings, workshops & conferences. If they aren't in our area maybe you can listen to one!

Why Should We Care about Insects?

Episode 2 of "Why Should We Care About Insects?" Host Emmet Brady examines the ancient history and modern science about the Mayan Stingless honey bee, an endangered species that is the focus of an interesting conservation scenario.

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