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Continuing Apiculture Education

Mid-State Beekeepers Association Recognized Learning Opportunities

All Mid-State Monthly Meetings are education opportunities for members. The public is also welcome to come visit with us and learn more about beekeeping in the Midlands.

We invite all to come share a couple hours with us the first Tuesday of each month. Meeting location, details, and directions are available on our Home Webpage.

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Blythewood Bee Company announces its 2019 Beekeeping Class Schedule. Our classes are one day intensive classes that will give you the basics you need to start beekeeping right. Each class includes a catered lunch from Doko Smoke BBQ as well as breakfast . The best BBQ in Blythewood.

Class sizes are small, so sign up soon to hold your spot.

2019 American Beekeeping Federation Conference & Tradeshow


EXPERIENCE the future of Beekeeping at the 2019 American Beekeeping Federation Conference & Tradeshow, January 8-12, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Hotel, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

BEE INNOVATIVE is our theme this year and we are partnering with exhibitor and speakers to bring you the latest in beekeeping technology, care and progress.

DON'T MISS one of the largest, action-packed beekeeping conferences in the world!

With 800+ beekeepers under one roof, you are sure to network and learn from industry experts, researchers, scientists and peers. The conference includes:

  • 80+ Tradeshow exhibitors
  • Education for all skill levels
  • Nationally recognized presenters such as Dr. Marla Spivak, Dr. Dennis
      vanEngelsdorp and Dr. Reed Johnson
  • Leading industry service providers
  • 2019 American Honey Show
  • Kids and Bees program
  • Fun for the whole family at WonderWorks!
  • And so much more!

Volunteer at ABF in January 2019 - Myrtle Beach, SC

The American Beekeeping Federation conference and tradeshow is coming to Myrtle Beach in 2019.  On Friday, January 11, 9 am-noon, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Hotel we are hosting the “Kids and Bees” educational event. This no-charge program has been a featured event with the American Beekeeping Federation conference for over 20 years, and is a “don’t miss” opportunity for school groups, home schooled kids, scouts, and clubs.

    • We are in need of volunteers for “Kids and Bees” on Friday, Jan. 11, from 8 am-noon!

    • We are looking for about 50 volunteers to host the stations. The stations need 1-4 volunteers each and include face painting, honey tasting, pollination, habitat, microscopes, arts and crafts, and more.

    • We will have about 20 stations/exhibits set up in a large room.  About 500 kids and their parents and teachers will come through the exhibits.  

    • No beekeeping experience or knowledge is necessary.  We often get retired teachers.

Volunteers will arrive at 8 am Friday morning for training, and to settle into whichever stations they would like to host.  Throughout the morning, we will check on you to see if you'd like to switch stations, need water, snacks, etc.  We close the doors at noon sharp, and start cleaning up. The last folks to go are usually at about 1:00, but you are free to head out any time after noon!

A few details on the event: Kids and their teachers and parents will join us for a room full of hands-on exhibits under the themes of, “The Art of Beekeeping,” “The Science of Beekeeping,” “The World of Beekeeping,” and “The Future of Bees: It’s Up to You!” Learn about the art and science behind beeswax, honey, pollination, ultraviolet bee vision, and so much more! Students will make their way through each station, engaging with yourself and Honey Queens from around the US, and participating in activities that will harness their senses and imaginations.

This event is set up to be “self-guided” and usually takes kids 30-45 minutes to explore about 20 stations.

For more on the “Kids and Bees” program, visit:

Interested individuals should contact Stephanie Benjamin or P​hylicia Chandler to sign up.


Stephanie Benjamin


Member, Mid-State Beekeepers Association

P​hylicia Chandler ​

Bee Girl Organization, ​Program Coordinator

"Beekeeping Education | Bee Habitat Conservation"

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Visit our Fellowship Webpage where you can learn more about local offerings and ways to network with local Midlands area beekeepers.

Beekeeping is both science and art. You'll increase your chances of learning both by fellowshipping with peers, bee buddies, and mentors.