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Are You Interested in Becoming a Beekeeper? 

Announcing the Mid-State Beekeeper's Association 2019 Beginning Beekeepers Certified Level Course

The Mid-State Beginning Beekeepers Certified Level Course will be held:

Saturday, January 19th 9am to 4pm and Saturday, February 16th, 9am to 4pm, at McGregor Presbyterian Church in Irmo, (Map available on our Home page.) with a hands-on field day Saturday, March 16th (23rd if there is a weather/package delay).

The objective of the course is to create interest in beekeeping and suggest general proven methods that will get you off to a good start It will provide you some basic beekeeping techniques and procedures known to work in the Midlands of South Carolina and is taught by local, proven beekeepers. 

You can reserve your seat at the Mid-State Beekeepers web store at:

Cost of the course is: $75.

No prior knowledge is required. This course is designed to take the person with an interest, but no beekeeping knowledge, to an understanding of beekeeping and starting their first hives.

Course includes:

- 2 1/2 days of instruction

- A book on Basic Beekeeping

- Three sessions: Two Saturdays, and a third Saturday morning in a local bee yard.

- One year membership in Mid-State Beekeepers Association (2019 calendar year)

- Reproductions/class notes, and snacks.

The course is held in association with the SC Master Beekeepers Program, which is a multilevel ongoing program whereby a beekeeper can test his/her beekeeping knowledge. The levels of the State Beekeepers program are:
Certified, Journeyman, Master, Master Craftsman

If you choose, you may take the written examination for the certified level of the Beekeeper Course Program, given around 1pm on Saturday, March 16th at McGregor Presbyterian, after the last session of this course.

You don't have to participate in the program to take the test, nor do you have to take the test if you take the course, but you are encouraged to do so. To receive the Certification and take the test, you MUST be a member of the State Association as well. The cost is $10. You can join the State Association at:

Note: The written test is only one component of the Certified Level. To receive your Certified Level certificate, you will have to pass the written test, pass a hands-on practical test, and successfully keep honey bees for one year. The criteria for each level of the SC Master Beekeepers Program may be found on the SC Beekeepers web site.

We look forward to Beeing with you!

Before classes start, visit our Stay in the Loop - Fellowship webpage where you will be guided on how you can start participating and learning now.  Also, make sure you are on our newsletter e-mail list so that you get notification of upcoming meetings, bee orders, and schedules.

Come to meetings, meet other beekeepers, join our discussion group on Facebook, visit your library. There's a lot you can do to start getting ready before classes start.

Note: Through experience we have learned that a minimum age of 13 is required to be successful with the program. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (both must register). Minors wishing to attend alone must be approved prior to registration.