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   The SC MSBA is dedicated to advancing the art of beekeeping and assisting those who pursue this noble and worthwhile venture. 

Annual membership dues for Mid-State Beekeepers Association are per calendar year, due annually in January.

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SC MSBA Membership

Individual Membership - $10   Family Membership - $15

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Members get to enjoy discounted bee supplies through our web store (you must be a member to purchase from our store).   

This is a 2 Step process.  You need to fill out the registration form below for our Secretary's records, then pay for your membership using Paypal, and then click  "Register" below to create an online profile for the website - you will receive an email from webs to verify your account information.  

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2020 Individual Membership - $10

2020 Family Membership - $15

*Donate here and tell us where you would like to direct your donation.

Donations or dues paid to MSBA, a 501(c)(7) corporation, are not tax-deductible; however your donation does help our program.

Once you have paid your annual dues and registered below, you will have access to our protected pages and our store. If you are a current member and paid prior to our new website, go to the link below and register as you need to register and complete profile for the new website. Once this is done the secretary will approve your access if a paid member and then you will have access to Members Only page and store.

Once you have REGISTERED on this site, you will need to verify your email from webs, and once your request to join is approved by our secretary, you can access the online store and log in. 

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