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SC State Fair 2012 SC State Fair 2012 SC Beekeepers Association 178066352 SC Beekeepers Association Booth 178066361 Most visited booth 178066360 Golden Glow of Honey 178066358 Bee City brings Goodies 178066359 Bee City Honey, lotion, soap. Wonderful hive products 178066369 Rick Jones & Observation Hive 178066353 Kids love bees 178066354 It must bee magic!! 178066355 Importance of pollination 178066364 Pollination Display 178066363 7 Benefits of Bees 178066365 All about bees 178066366 Bob Lyon explains the observation Hive 178066368 Homers Honey 178066367 Homer's Honey takes a Blue Ribbon 178066357 Jay Moss & his winning Honey 178066356 Cynthia rides the Big Bee 178066374 Cynthia enjoying the Fair 178066375 Wax winners 178066376 Wax winners 178066377 Wax winners Not as easy as it looks! 178066380 Beautiful Color 178066379 Honey winners 178066381 More ribbons! 178066382 178066383 178066384