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Charleston Honey & Bee Expo 2013 Charleston Honey & Bee Expo 2013 Charleston Honey & Bee Expo 2013 178058942 Lazy Bee Top Bar Hives Logo 178058943 Lazy Bee Top Bar Hives Booth 178058944 Red Cedar Garden Hive 178058945 Large Red Cedar Top Bar Hive 178058946 Rick Jones w/ Lazy Bee Hives Custom Western Red Cedar Hives 178058947 Lazy Bee TBH's Custom Western Red Cedar Hives 178058948 Rick Jones w/ a customer TBH are Popular today 178058949 Artist Steven Jordan 178058950 Steven Jodans Bee Mobile with Stinger 178058951 Dixie Bee Supply 178058952 Buddy Hungernecks Honey Stand 178058953 Buddy's Pretty Honey 178058954 Monarch butterfly exhibit 178058955 Cool Shirts Got Hives??? 178058956 Fisher Bee Hut 178058957 Debbie Fisher& Larry Haigh 178058958 18. Charleston Community Bee Gardens at the Expo 178058960 Jim Strohm and Jennifer Wicker 178058961 Jim Strohm, Dale Snyder, Gene 178058962 Jim Strohm at Expo President of the CCBG with Jim Strohm at Expo 178058991 Gene & his Top Bar Hive 178058963 Homemade Top Bar Hive 178058964 Sunlight on TBH cross comb This is something you DO NOT want to see in your hive! 178058965 Cross Comb 178058966 Savanah Bee Company 178058959 Warre Hive Display 178058967 Expo 'Lil Queen 178058968 Margarets Bee Goodies 178058970 The Queen Bee Has Arrived! 178058972 Larry Sextons Honey 178058969 Larry Sextons Honey Galore! 178058973