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New Member Inspirations New Member Inspirations Under Construction Mike's top secret, extra tidy wood shop. Where miracles occur... 176491149 Step 1 Mike's stylish hive bench, side view. 176491143 Step 2 Front view 176491145 Step 3 Mike's classic white hives awaiting bees. 176491147 Step 4. Beautiful! Mike's hive set-up is a great lay-out. 176491144 Gold Star Bees Dustin and Audrey's extra fancy bee privacy fence to protect their bees from the street. It's only upside down sometimes (or is it? it won't make up its mind), but never while in their yard. 176491146 NYC in SC with Frankenhive Debbie and Jemes' mixed media, multi-storied bee yard. Note the Frankenhive, (feral bees, log, exterior carpet/a snuggie?, a fire bowl? and duct tape) back left. 176491148 Another classic nuc design... complete with Greek column stand, from Jemes and Debbie. 176611765