South Carolina Mid-State Beekeepers Association


About Mid-State Beekeepers Association

Mid-State Beekeepers Association (MSBA) is dedicated to advancing the art of beekeeping and assisting the people who pursue this noble and worthwhile venture.

The purpose of the MSBA is to promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping by encouraging healthy beekeeping practices in South Carolina, promote the utilization of honey bees for pollination of agricultural crops, and disseminate useful information about honey bees and beekeeping.

We meet the first Tuesday of every month (except July) at:
     McGregor Presbyterian Church, 6505 Saint Andrews Road Columbia, SC 29212, at 7:00 pm.

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Our meetings cover information for the beginner as well as the veteran beekeeper. Anyone interested in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry may join.

Officers, Directors, and Board

President: Luther Lown II

President-Elect: Mark Foster
Past President: Danny Cannon


John Oxner, 2 year

Secretary: Kathy Carpineto

Treasurer: Fleming Mattox

Life Members

Frank Blanchard

Jack Morris

Shirley Ward

Representative to South Carolina State Beekeepers Association

Organization Disciplines

Fellowship Amenities:

Beekeeper Classes:

Todd Shealy

Association Extractor:

Debbie Langley

Meeting Host Site:

McGregor Presbyterian Church

Master Craftsman Beekeeper

David MacFawn

Master Beekeepers

Staci Siler

Larry Coble

Journeymen Beekeepers

Patrick O'Connor

George Rogers

Bob Shealy

Ruchelle Gee

Phil Gee

Fleming Mattox

David Gobbel

Kathy Carpineto

Sheryl Brousseau

Glenn Severt

Rosalind Severt

Todd Shealy

Mark Hardenbrook

John Oxner

Members Area