The South Carolina Mid-State Beekeepers Association


2017 Nucleus Hives  Sales for 2017 Have Ended

Nucleus Hives, (a working, temporary hive with 5 drawn deep frames, brood, worker bees, pollen, honey, and a queen), will be available to order until March 15, 2017  or until sold out, whichever comes first.  Nucs must be paid for by March 15, 2017. All orders are first paid, first served.  Your nuc order will not be reserved until your payment has been received.

Pickup is scheduled for the morning (7AM) of April 8th, 2017.  The apiary has requested a two week weather window.   If the weather is not conducive for mating queens, they reserve the right to delay the pickup.  Any weather delays related to your order will be passed along to you via email as soon as we receive them. 

The pickup location will be McGregor Presbyterian Church, 6505 St Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC 29212.

Payments for Nucs through the webstore are by credit card.

Make sure to use your "weekend" email address when you place your order. Email notices will be sent out the day before nucs are due advising you of any changes in schedule and/or pickup time. 

Once you have ordered your nuc(s), and we have received your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email and your nuc order will be officially reserved.  Additional information about your order will be sent out periodically via email.  Your pickup slip will be sent via email one or two weeks before the pickup date.  IMPORTANT: The pickup slip you receive will be required to pick up your order.

You must be a member of Mid-State Beekeepers' Association to order. If you are not a member a membership will be automatically added to your basket.

If you have any questions please use the Contact Us Form in the Web Store.

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