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If you are an MSBA member, but not a business, wishing to buy, sell or trade anything pertaining to beekeeping, send your ad to for approval to be placed on this page, or look to our Forum page or Facebook page to place your ad.
MSBA has been contacted by Peachtree Commodities concerning discounted sugar for sale. This deal would be for members only. Here are the specs provided to us by a very helpful member:

- the minimum purchase is 1 pallet
 - a pallet contains 40 bags @ 55# per bag, total weight = 2,200# per pallet.
 - cost per pallet  is $550 + shipping ( 2,200# x .25$/# = $550) 
 - they can arrange shipping at an additional charge that would need to be quoted at purchase time.
 - I gave her zip code 29072, she'll get back to me on probable shipping $ per pallet.
 - the Charleston beekeepers avoid the shipping and mostly pick up the bags themselves.
 - the sugar is from South America, she says its organic and originally destined for human consumption
 - when a customer refuses a pallet due to damage, they take the damaged bags and build a pallet of them, then wrap the pallet, so the bags will have some damage that causes the original customer to refuse delivery.

If we have to have sugar shipped:
Assuming shipping is $200 for 1 pallet, the total cost would be (2200*.25)=$550+$200shipping=$750, which translates to .34/pound.  Word from fellow beekeepers is that anything near .40/# is a good deal, so maybe this could work out for the club.  
We don't know what effect more than 1 pallet would have on shipping cost.  If we have enough interest we could find that out.

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