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Beekeeping - Buy, Sell, Trade
If you are an MSBA member, but not a business, wishing to buy, sell or trade anything pertaining to beekeeping, send your ad to for approval to be placed on this page, or look to our Forum page or Facebook page to place your ad.

Midlands Queens:

Gillapsy's Honey Bees will have queens available by April 21st.

Bee Trail Farm will have queens available by the end of April. If you want to get on their list email:

Local Honey Extraction:

HONEY EXTRACTION Six Dollars ($6) Per Super. Minimum 5 fully capped supers. Bring your own 1-5 gallon food grade container for your honey. Extraction will be done at 2792 Duncan Road, Leesville, SC. For more information or to schedule extraction call LC Reynolds 803-315-0571 or James Nathaniel Burton 803-260-9972 – no texts. Schedule at least one day in advance of extraction.

Bee Trail Farm, off Hwy. 1 at 1437 Jessamine Road, Lexington, SC, 803-360-7978  provides honey extraction at the rate of $5.00 per super.  If interested email:

Click here to visit the SC Midlands Beekeepers Buy, Sell Trade Facebook Group page. (Unaffiliated with Mid-State Beekeepers Association)